organization services

1. Organizing services are offered on a room-by-room basis. Beginning with a planning session, WID will work side-by-side with the client, assessing the elements of congestion, clearing the clutter and setting up clear, effective systems. Our goal is to teach new habits for the organizing method, a thought-process of sorting that will avoid future accumulation of clutter. Most importantly, we will establish a scheme for efficient, yet elegant, orderliness.

2. Relocations and moving can be stressful events that often create a loss of structure. WID has vast experience with moving clients out of homes, during which time we work together to eliminate the items of clutter before packing. Correspondingly, WID will work with a client before and during a move into a new home, establishing plans for each room before the move-in date. This clean-canvas approach to designating furnishings and storage spaces results in a more efficient move, and a cleaner transition into the new home.

3. Kitchen design and organization is a WID specialty. We will assess the current use of the kitchen and create a plan to classify zones of work, storage and circulation. We can make every cabinet, cupboard, drawer, and pantry a highly-functional storage unit. WID will tackle anything from basic kitchen re-organizing to custom designs for remodeling.

4. Closet design and organization can be serviced by WID. We organize any type of closet to create function and tidiness. One-on-One wardrobe consultation can be accomplished individually with Whitney Beatty to sort through clothing, shoes and accessories that result in categorized and catalogued closets. WID can design and install closet systems tailored to your needs ” either custom or prefab.

5. Event organizing for parties, meetings and holiday seasons can be coordinated by WID. We will plan your event with you, establishing a visual or culinary theme, a timeline and a budget. WID will assist throughout the process in planning menus, generating event-specific décor and staging the home & furnishings for the event.